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[   ]vimrc2020-11-29 14:35 411 My .vimrc
[   ]rms_covid-19.pdf2020-11-26 11:30 25KRMS on the dangers of TV about COVID-19
[DIR]octoprint_timelapses/2021-02-11 09:20 - Timelapses of some of my 3D prints
[DIR]html_guide/2020-10-02 14:51 - Learn HTML with my guide!
[   ]Sunset_Experiment.pdf2020-09-30 09:47 217KA cool experiment I found! (Not by me)
[   ]Shotts_The_Linux_Command_Line.pdf2021-02-26 09:03 2.0M 
[   ]RMS_Free_as_in_Freedom.pdf2020-07-30 19:20 2.2MFree as in Freedom by Sam Williams
[   ]RMS_Free_Software_Free_Society.pdf2020-07-30 19:20 1.5MFree Software, Free Society by RMS

These are some public files, here for your perusal.

My personal website is www.haywalk.ca, and my programming projects can be found at git.haywalk.ca.